Repertoire lists and instrument-specific information

You can choose your repertoire from our extensive repertoire lists, select your own pieces or have a mix of the two. Any programme including own choice items, or single movements from items listed complete in the repertoire lists, must be approved by Trinity as a complete programme before you can enter for the exam. We are unable to consider submissions of individual pieces. If your programme is all taken from the diploma repertoire lists then you won’t need approval. 

Repertoire listed in any current Trinity grade, certificate or lower diploma cannot be selected as own-choice repertoire. For full information, please refer to the Exam guidance: Recital section of the Music Performance Diplomas syllabus.

You can find advice on how to create your own programme in the syllabus. 

To submit your own choice repertoire programme, please click on the button below.

Performance diploma repertoire lists

Our performance diploma repertoire lists are updated at regular intervals with new works. The current editions for all instruments and levels can be found below.


New online portal

We have now developed a new online portal to help streamline the approvals process. The new customer journey is similar, but with significant automated improvements, quicker response times and a better customer experience.

Watch our short video to help you familiarise yourself with the new portal.

For face-to-face exams, only one copy of the approval letter is required, which should be printed and brought to the exam. For digital exams, the approval letter should be uploaded together with the performance video.

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