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Expand your students’ musical horizons and get more flexibility with how and when you prepare them for our graded music exams.

Since 1881, Trinity has had hundreds of thousands of music students in India take their graded music exams and supported music teachers with their teaching and finding new opportunities to grow their business. Now, with our new Piano and Singing syllabuses, we're raising the bar in music education with a repertoire that never expires, but constantly expands to encompass a wider variety of musical genres and cultures.

New genres, new possibilities 

Go beyond the classics with our expanded musical repertoire that includes classical pieces along genres such as film, theatre, gaming and more.

Your Trinity, your way

Students get to choose between two pathways for the digital graded exams. Opt for Performance-Only or blend practical with theory in the Technical Pathway.

Whenever you’re ready, wherever you are

Craft your students' exam experience to their liking. Go face-to-face for a personal touch, or submit digitally for added flexibility.


140+ years
of Trinity’s Graded Music Exams in India.


250,000+ Indian students
have taken the Exams in the last 5 years.


45+ countries
worldwide with Trinity music exam takers.


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