The Metastos Trio

The Metastos Trio are students at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and Trinity College London Scholarships recipients, who recently won second prize in the CAVATINA Intercollegiate Chamber Music Competition 2022.

The competition has been celebrating the finest talent from the UK’s leading conservatoires since 1961, so this really was an incredible achievement for Miguel Villeda Ceron, Greta Papa and Christos Fountos, who make up the trio.

Trinity College London makes regular donations to the Trinity Laban, which fund scholarships to enable students like Miguel, Greta and Christos to access a Conservatoire education – and the benefits of performing and the creative arts.

We met with the Metastos on the day of Miguel’s recital to talk more about their impressive achievements and the work they have put in to get where they are today.

Miguel told us about how he started out with the Cello.

“When I was 3 years old, my dad, who is an opera singer, brought me to a rehearsal, and sat me on stage. I was next to the cello section, and as soon as they started playing, I could feel the ground buzzing with the vibration from the cellos and I thought - I want to do that!”

Greta’s potential was spotted by a passer-by in the street.

”I was singing outside of my doorstep and a teacher from music school walked by and noticed I had perfect pitch. She invited me to study at her school right away!”

Christos also got off to an early start, starting piano lessons at the age of 18, making his debut as a soloist with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra at the age of 17 with a Shostakovich Concerto. He moved to London in 2015, and has studied at Trinity Laban since then. Greta told us about how trio came together early on in their studies at Trinity Laban.

“We were put together in a way – our teachers suggested very strongly that we meet each other so we did.”

The teachers clearly had the right idea as the trio seem to be the perfect team.

“It’s just there. It’s real chemistry. We don’t have to have a method, we just work. With some groups you have to work really hard to play together, but we knew right away we were meant to play together because it was so easy.”

Miguel’s told us about what goes through his mind when he’s performing.

“I find characters within the music, and I have a rule of always loving the audience. I play the same with one person or twenty, for an exam or for a concert. I always try to be genuine and communicate real emotions.”

Christos accompanied Miguel on the piano during his recital. He told us about the importance of being part of a musical team.

“You get inspired by the other players – they play very well! The admiration for and understanding of the other players is key. It’s amazing that we are here and that we can play music together. Last year, due to Covid 19, I had to return to Cyprus, and all my concerts were cancelled. I almost forgot what it is to be on stage.”

The trio talked about the difference the scholarship they received from Trinity College London made to them. Greta told us

“It’s the reason we’re here. It gives you the grounds to become someone you want to be. The scholarship is literally everything and I’m not exaggerating! We know what it is to not have access and not have the opportunities to grow.”

The trio have no plans to separate just yet, although they of course have their careers as soloists.


“We just want to play forever – we really love each other so that’s the main plan for next year – we just want to keep entering competitions.”

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