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Revolutionise your English teaching with NoteLab English, your brand new lesson planning assistant. Save time, and create fresh, tailored, ready-to-use plans, based on the latest pedagogical thinking. Designed by teachers, for teachers, it’s free and just takes a few clicks!

Our intuitive new tool harnesses the power of AI to create unique, relevant, creative and engaging lessons to save you time. You no longer have to spend hours and hours researching and organising supplementary material, but can generate the exact content you need for your own teaching requirements, be it large groups, individuals, beginners or advanced students.

Create tailored lesson plans effortlessly

NoteLab English was highly rated by our focus group of teachers for its user-friendly, easy to access interface. They particularly appreciated that it was fast, reliable and accurate – and its ability to generate appropriate teaching prompts.

Designed for teachers by teachers

In a world full of news about AI, NoteLab English is a tool you can trust. NoteLab English has been developed with the same rigour and standards as Trinity’s regulated exams, giving you the confidence and peace of mind that the plans are pedagogically sound and relevant to your class.

Streamlined exam preparation

Say goodbye to the hassle of adapting generic lesson plans for exam classes. NoteLab English can generate plans specifically for GESE and ISE exam preparation, or for any CEFR-level practice of your choice. Instantly access relevant, exam-focused lesson material, freeing up valuable time for impactful classroom teaching.

Fresh and creative ideas

Discover relevant content from videos, slides, articles, historical documents and more, making your lesson plans truly engaging. NoteLab English can also give feedback on existing activities and material, giving you the chance to hone and refresh your work.


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