Trinity Success Stories

We love hearing about the positive impact taking a Trinity College London exam or qualification has on student learning, engagement and achievement.

These Trinity Success Stories share the experiences of teachers, learners and parents from around the world, focusing on how preparing for a Trinity assessment has helped them to develop the skills they need in real life.

Meet the people

Joseph’s story

Location: United Kingdom
Qualification: Rock & Pop (Guitar)

Serena and Adry’s story

Location: Spain
Qualification: English language (GESE)

René’s story

Location: South Africa
Qualification: Music Diploma (Organ)

Sam’s story

Location: United Kingdom
Qualification: Rock & Pop (Drums)

Alice’s story

Location: China
Qualification: English language (GESE)

Ben’s story

Location: United Kingdom
Qualification: Rock & Pop (Drums)

Melissa’s story

Location: United Kingdom
Qualification: Music Grade (Piano)

Rajni, Dolly, Mamta and Heemal's story

Location: India
Qualification: Teacher training

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