Jesus's story

Name: Jesus
Location: Spain
Trinity qualification: ISE III

Jesús' journey with English began at an early age. “When I was five or six years old, I started with my teacher, Roger," he recalls.

Reflecting on his exam experiences, Jesús notes a significant change over time. "I was very nervous during the first exam, but by the last one was different. I knew the format and the way of the exam, so I dominated it. The first time, I had no idea, but by the last time, it was like I had done it a lot of times."

Jesús told us about one of the most engaging topics he prepared for a Trinity exam. "My topic was about the education system, and I talked about the method of Trinity too. It was really interesting because I could choose the topic, so I enjoyed it. It wasn't like an exam; it was like a conversation."

Jesús stresses the importance of English in today's world. "For me, English is key to communication. When you go to university, you need a high level of English, and I already have it, so it's one less thing to worry about," he explains. "I love traveling, and thanks to English, I have been able to understand everyone when I travel, whether in England, Italy, or elsewhere."

Looking ahead, Jesús has ambitious plans involving English. "I would like to do an Erasmus program. England is a good place for that, and obviously, English is essential there," he shares. "It’s an experience that you need to have. It opens your mind to other cultures, and thanks to the language, you feel more confident in yourself."

Jesús has spent a significant amount of time with his teacher, Roger. "I have been with Roger for ten years. It's a really good experience because his classes are really interactive. It's not just writing or doing exercises; we can do things through talking, in groups, or however we want. There's freedom in his classes, and I really like his method. That's the reason I have been there for so long. I love this teacher, Roger."

Music has also played a pivotal role in Jesús' English learning journey. "I love rap. The biggest part of rap is in English, and English gives me the opportunity to understand these songs. So, it's really nice for me."

In conclusion, Jesús highlights the transformative power of learning English. "All the work and effort have been worth it. Now, I can see the results of all the years we were working."


“All the work and effort have been worth it. Now, I can see the results of all the years we were working."

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