Skill Up!

Working alongside the innovative AI voice intelligence company, Astrid, the Trinity Skill Up! app uses generative AI to create a personalised learning path for students aged 5-14 years.

Skill Up! combines engaging storytelling with state-of-the-art speech recognition technology to help students become confident English speakers.

Whether it’s used at school or at home, the app teaches practical English skills, such as pronunciation, fluency and vocabulary, without losing the focus on fun.

Getting children and teens to practise their English skills and complete their homework can be challenging. The Skill Up! app harnesses gamification techniques to help English language learners improve their English at school and at home.

The app’s gamification techniques, which include quizzes, puzzles, and interactive exercises, encourage students to learn English in a fun and enjoyable way.

Listening to stories aids comprehension and helps build new vocabulary, while associated activities and exercises develop oral communication skills, enhance spelling, and improve sentence construction.

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Why choose Skill Up!?

Personalised for every student

Skill Up! uses artificial intelligence to adapt to every learner’s pace creating a customized learning path for each learner, focusing on building and developing listening & reading skills.

Effective and fun learning

Thanks to its extensive library of high-quality stories, mapped to Trinity GESE exam levels Pre-A1 to B1, and ISE A1 and A2, students can:

  • read aloud and receive immediate feedback on pronunciation, and help with difficult words
  • listen to the stories in English and check their understanding and new vocabulary, while simultaneously developing their language skills
  • improve their spelling and sentence construction with engaging activities and exercises

Teacher dashboard

The app will seamlessly integrate with your learning management system to fit the way you teach. Wherever your students use Skill Up! teachers can use the user-friendly interface to: 

  • access all materials organized by levels
  • assign the most suitable story for each student's capability
  • identify areas for a student’s improvement
  • access the progress of the whole class and of the individual student

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