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NoteLab Music is a comprehensive tool for the 21st century music teacher. Using AI technologies, it is the first platform to offer users the chance to search our extensive catalogue by the huge number of skills needed to master an instrument.

NoteLab Music is a powerful resource available to teachers, parents and students to support lessons, personalise music choices, build technique, maintain engagement and track progress.

NoteLab Music is available for

Piano from Initial to Grade 5

With NoteLab Music you can:


Find and assign piano pieces and exercises to your students from Initial to Grade 5


Share a link to purchase a digital download from the ebook store


Create an online notebook for all your students’ lessons


Listen to your students’ practice recordings


Send your students feedback


Discover our database of piano music and free exercises for all tastes and practice requirements

NoteLab Music repertoire includes:

Classical favourites

Contemporary classical

Music for stage and screen and video games

Hits from the global and local international pop music scenes

New commissions

Jazz and Latin

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NoteLab Music is currently available for teachers in the UK. Throughout 2024, we will be making it available to our worldwide community of teachers and learners.

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The only music teaching tool you’ll need

NoteLab Music brings together all the pedagogic and administrative technologies that the modern teacher needs into one intuitive platform. Whether it’s providing feedback or finding just the right pieces for your students, NoteLab Music has you covered.

Just the right music for your students’ next step

NoteLab Music’s unique technology is a world first, and enables you to search our enormous catalogue using a wide variety of very sophisticated filters and tailor your teaching much more easily. Using NoteLab Music, you no longer need to rely solely on memory or recommendations, as the search tool opens up a world of fresh music. Whether you’re looking for video game music at Grade 5, contrapuntal German works or pieces that help your students practise pedalling or hand crossing, NoteLab Music will surface just the right music.

Build relevant technique

The search tool is not limited to just pieces. Cast off the old books and search our piano exercises to find relevant material to complement the pieces your students are learning and build robust technique. Our piano exercises are available to NoteLab Music users completely free of charge.

Stay in touch between lessons

Once you’ve found the pieces and exercises, NoteLab Music allows you to assign them to your students. If they don’t already have the music, students can simply click the link to more than just a practice book, NoteLab Music allows students to upload an audio recording for you to review and the tool has a function to provide feedback, enabling you to stay in touch between lessons and stay on top of their progress.

Track progress

NoteLab Music provides a comprehensive way for you to keep a record over time, so that students and their parents can see how much progress has been made.

Free to search and assign music

NoteLab Music is free to use for both students and teachers. Anyone can use the search tool to explore our repertoire. To access all of the other unique features, simply create a free account and start using NoteLab Music to its full potential to elevate your teaching.

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