Jose Maria's story

Name: Jose Maria
Location: Spain
Trinity qualification: ISE III

Jose Maria credits his success in learning English to the support he has received from his family and teachers. "My family always motivated me to follow my dreams because they weren't able to learn English when they were younger. They inspired me to continue with the language. My teacher also didn't give up on me, despite my attitude at times!”

Jose is keen to use his English skills to experience life in an English-speaking country.

“Above all, it's about following my dream. I've always wanted to go to London and maybe live there for a season. It's a beautiful city with diverse districts and cultures. I think I have a lot to learn there."

Jose Maria also has clear academic goals. "If all goes well, I would like to study physics because I want to understand everything that happens around me, like the particles. I'm inspired by big figures like Einstein and Tesla.”

“I would also like to participate in Erasmus because it's a great way to connect with more people, independent of London -I think Poland would be a great place to go."

Jose Maria appreciates the diversity of perspectives in his classes. "When we were working, I'm very imaginative and have a lot of crazy ideas. Other classmates are very practical and focus on perfecting their work, which contrasts with my approach.”

“I appreciate Roger's classes because I feel free to express myself. In secondary school, I felt pressured to be what society wanted me to be, but in Roger's class, I could talk about my crazy ideas without judgment."

Roger has had a significant impact on Jose Maria's development. "Roger was a very good teacher. I don't think I would be who I am today without him. At the start, I was a very lazy person, and he was very strict with me. Now, I think I'm a better person overall."

Jose Maria believes that sharing his positive and negative experiences in education could help others not get discouraged by their own mistakes.

"The important thing is to live on. Having people to support you, like your teacher, is crucial. You know your weaknesses, and for me, speaking is a big one. I get very nervous in speaking exams and have trouble developing topics."

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