Lucia's story

Name: Lucia
Location: Spain
Trinity qualification: ISE III

Lucia began her English studies early, starting at just four years old. However, it wasn't until she was 11 or 12 that she took her first ISE exam. "For the first exam, I was really, really nervous," she recalls. "I remember that the reading in the exam was about seahorses. It was so difficult at first; I felt like I couldn't understand anything. But then I counted to three, felt more relaxed, and was able to do things better."

This experience was pivotal for Lucia. "I'm not surprised that I'm more confident now. I learned that I could do things I wasn't confident about before. If I'm able to pass an English exam, I'm able to do a lot of things in my life," she reflects. "Other things that I consider difficult will be easier."

Lucia's story highlights the confidence-building aspect of learning English and taking Trinity College London's English language exams. "I like to travel a lot. I have been to 13 different countries, and taking exams is important because it helps you practice your speaking.”

Lucia has big academic ambitions. "I would like to study psychology and I'm really excited for Erasmus. I want to travel to another country and learn from people. I'm more excited about this than anything else," she shares.

Lucia enjoyed the fact that some of the texts she studied while preparing for ISE were relevant to her field of study.

"One of the practice exams I did for ISE was about the brain, and it was very interesting to me because I want to study psychology."

Lucia's classes with her teacher, Roger, have been a significant part of her journey. "We work a lot in groups, which fosters collaboration, critical thinking, creative thinking, and communication. It's really important for university because we are preparing ourselves for the future."

She fondly remembers how English classes provided a break from stress. "In the second year of Bachelor, we were really stressed. When we went to English class with Roger, it was like we were in another world. We felt relaxed, talked about current events, and escaped from reality for an hour. It was something I'm totally grateful for because when we were having a hard time, we shared our points of view and felt like a little family."

Lucia concludes with a message of encouragement. "If you take the opportunity to learn English, it will help you in the future a lot. A lot of people don't study English because they think they are too old, but age doesn't matter. You have to try because everyone is capable of learning."

“I learned that I could do things I wasn't confident about before. If I'm able to pass an English exam, I'm able to do a lot of things in my life.”

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