Guadalupe’s story

Name: Guadalupe Garcia
Location: Mexico
Activity: English language teaching

English language teaching and Trinity exams have been a part of Guadalupe Garcia’s family’s lives for many years now. Guadalupe and her family have run a school and Trinity Exam Centre in Mexico for 25 years. Her passion for English language teaching really shines through when she talks about it.

“I have been an English teacher for 24 years. Now that I say it – it’s quite a long time! If you asked me what I would have done differently, I would choose once again being an English teacher – I really love it!”

Teaching clearly runs in Guadalupe’s blood. Guadalupe tells us the part her mother played in her discovering her love for teaching English.

“When I was little my mom was an accountant, but when I got married, she decided it was her time to do what she really loved, which was teaching English. When I became a teacher at the beginning, she was my teacher. She gave me so much advice and that is why I continue being a teacher today.”

It was Guadalupe’s mother who pushed her to take her first GESE exam when she started teaching, despite the doubts Guadalupe was having about the need to take the exam.

“My mum said you must do it. You need to live the experience your students will go through, and you also need to prove your level. You need to know that you really know English!”

The family connection doesn’t stop there – The next generations of Guadalupe’s family can often be found around the school teaching a class or two.

“My sons started giving classes at the school when they were at high school. They were already taking English classes with my mum and I, and we thought it was a good time for them to start. Now they have their own careers, but, in fact, they are still helping me to give classes, because they love helping students. I even have a nephew who is working here with me now!”

Guadalupe and her family believe strongly in the importance of English language exams in their school curriculum and have been preparing students to take Trinity exams since 2002. We asked her why this is so important for them.

“I think it is so important nowadays to be able to prove you can speak a foreign language if you want to get a good job. I have that experience myself, and with my sons, so we decided that it is important children, teenagers, adults, it doesn't matter their age. If they are learning, they can prove it this way”

“What I love in Trinity is the experience of talking to an examiner. I really love that part because I think it's completely different. I really love that part because the examiner gives us a lot. They are so kind at the time of the exam.”

We asked Guadalupe about her students’ experiences of the exams.

“When adults get their diplomas, they're like - I have never thought I could do it. And now here I have it. I can prove my boss that I started English and I know I have the level here it is - so they, they are proud of what they have done, and I like that part”.

It’s incredible to think of all the students Guadalupe and family have supported over the years, and we’re sure the Garcia family will be helping many more English language students achieve their goals for years to come.


“What I love in Trinity is the experience of talking to an examiner. I really love that part because the examiner gives us a lot.”

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