Giorgio's story

Name: Giorgio Berlinghieri
Location: Italy
Subject: English Language (ISE)

Giorgio is 17 years old, and is in his fourth year at the Francesco Maurolico Classical High School in Messina. Even though there are still many months left before his high school final exams, he already has clear ideas about the future: his plans include the faculty of Law and a period of study or specialization abroad.

Giorgio told us about a very significant training experience at the Glass Building of the United Nations Secretariat. 

“I was in New York for two consecutive years with the Diplomats Association, an NGO that collaborates with the UN for training, complementary to school and university training, on current affairs and international careers."

"Through the simulation of the work of large global organizations, students can play, for example, the role of ambassadors of their own countries, but above all understand the meaning of respect and coexistence between citizens of the world of different cultures and train in transversal skills for contemporary global work.”

“To be admitted, the ability to express oneself in English is assessed. I am truly convinced that if I can express myself like this today it is thanks to the Trinity certifications: the exams reflect the use of the language in real life".

“I started taking my first level one exams at the age of 8 and this approach helped me a lot not to suffer from anxiety and to have more self-confidence. Due to shyness I couldn't get the grade I deserved at the beginning because I didn't perform at my best during the exam."

"The insistence and perseverance with the exams really made me grow and be able to communicate effectively and spontaneously even on complex topics."

Giorgio is currently preparing for the Speaking & Listening part of the Trinity ISE II exam and expects to finish in the next few months.

"A goal that will allow me to enter University and take International Law courses and take exams in English. I am already preparing for the Trinity ISE III exam."

"In the meantime, I hope to leave again for a new experience with the Diplomats Association in October , again for a week, as a member of the staff to organize and coordinate the simulations on the days of the meetings: the next destination is Dubai."


"I am truly convinced that if I can express myself like this today it is thanks to the Trinity certifications'

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