Maria's story

Name: Maria
Location: Spain
Trinity qualification: ISE III

Maria's journey with English began at a young age. "I studied English classes from when I was four years old," she recalls. The path was not always smooth, but it was filled with determination and growth.

Reflecting on her education, Maria acknowledges the comprehensive nature of her learning. "We started when we were children, and now we can understand almost everything people say. It feels like our own language," she shares. "We are not just memorizing grammar and vocabulary; we are using the language all the time."

Taking the Trinity exams marked significant milestones in her journey, starting with GESE 1 test and moving onto ISE. Maria told us about the first time she took a Trinity exam. “It was nerve-wracking because it was it was new for us."

One of Maria's most memorable experiences was presenting on a challenging topic. "A few years ago, I remember that it was about euthanasia. It was difficult because it is a controversial topic and also new," she explains. Yet, this challenge turned into an opportunity for growth. "It was very interesting because I was investigating something important to me. I talked about the issues and problems associated with it."

Maria emphasizes the importance of achieving a high level of English proficiency. "I would like to say that it is very important to reach a certain level and do the tests because it's essential for university and to get a degree. We need the level of English we have, and a higher level gives us more job opportunities. We are at an advantage," she asserts.

Travel and further education are also part of Maria's plans. "I would like to travel, and with our level of English, it is easy because we don't have communication problems," she says. "I want to study in another country, to gain new experiences. English opens up many opportunities."

Maria credits her teacher, Roger, for playing a crucial role in her success. "Roger is strict but a wonderful teacher. We communicate, work in groups, and learn from each other. His method is collaborative and creative," she notes. "Roger is also like a friend. When we are sad or stressed, he always plays a happy song and is concerned if we have a bad day."

In conclusion, Maria stresses the value of learning English beyond just passing tests. "It is important to learn English as an integral part of life, not just for exams," she advises. "All our work and effort have been worth it. Now we can see the results of all the years we were working."

“It is very important to reach a certain level and do the tests because it's essential for university and to get a degree."

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