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Applicants, teachers and candidates based in the UK and who would usually enter face-to-face exams via our network of public centres can book and pay online. As part of the booking process you will be asked to select the exam centre which you would have attended, if you had taken a face-to-face exam.

Online booking includes group (including In Production) and pair exams, and also the Young Performers Certificate in the UK.

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Public centres in Ireland

Applicants, teachers and candidates based in the Republic of Ireland and who would usually enter face-to-face exams via our network of public centres should send their entry to their Local Area Representative, in the same way as for a face-to-face exam.

Entry forms and contact details can be found here:

Private centres in the UK and Ireland

Registered Exam Centres can book by entering candidates on Trinity Online. Please enter your candidates via Trinity Online when the candidates have recorded, or are ready to record their exams. There is no minimum fee for your booking, however, please do try to enter your candidates in groups of no less than 4 or 5 at a time.

When making your booking please:

  • Set your order end date to two months in the future (submitters will still need to upload their candidates’ entries within two weeks of receiving log in details though).
  • Provide a submitter email address for each candidate or group/pair. A submitter can submit entries for one candidate or many, so do use whichever email address will work best for you.
  • Follow the relevant Trinity Online centre portal guidance.

Further information

You may also like to check the Digital Grades and Diplomas area on our website, where you will find information about the qualifications, filming guidance and other important information.

Need to contact us?

  • For information on exam requirements, syllabus information, filming guidance and support with uploading your entry, please see our website.
  • If you are entering via a Trinity public centre, including those who booked and paid for their entry online, your Local Area Representative will be happy to help with most queries. This includes questions about results and certificates.  Find the contact details for your Representative on our music or drama public centre maps or, for Rock & Pop centres, at www.trinityrock.com/venues/ukdates.
  • If you need to make corrections to candidate details, to discuss difficulties meeting the submission deadline or encounter technical issues please contact our UK & Ireland staff team on dgd.uki@trinitycollege.co.uk.
  • All private centre queries should be directed via the centre representative to your usual Trinity Co-ordinator – check their details on our music and drama private centre pages.


Timeframes and deadlines

For those who booked pre the 17th November please refer to your confirmation email as some of the details below will vary for you and get in touch if you have any further questions.

There is no deadline to book a Digital Grades and Diplomas exam. UK candidates entering online should book when they are ready to film and submit their entry and for music exams they may wish to film their entry before they make their booking.

Private centres arranging their own entries, along with Local Area Representatives co-ordinating entries in the Republic of Ireland, should submit their exam order when their group is ready.

You can enter multiple candidates at the same time under one booking. Please use the email address of the person you would like to manage the exam submission as the ‘submitter’ email. This is the email address that the log in details for our exam submission platform will be set up with. For group (including In Production) and pair entries you need only give a single email address for the submitter for your group or pair exam.

If the submitter is using the Trinity submission platform for the first time, they will receive an email  containing their username and password. The submitter can then use the same account details for any future Digital Grade or Diploma exam submissions with Trinity College London.

The submitter will also receive an email with a link to upload the candidate’s submission. They have 14 days to complete the submission from when they receive this email. This is usually sent within 24 hours of the booking being made.

You can expect the marking to take an average of 2 weeks for grades. Marking of diplomas usually takes 4 weeks, and if there are further checks to be made, can take up to 8 weeks. The exam report will be sent by email to the exam submitter and, for public centres, to the email address provided for the candidate.

It takes about a week for your provisional result to be verified as final, and your certificate will follow within 2-4 weeks. At this stage, Registered Exam Centres will also be able to see their candidates’ results on Trinity Online.

If your result is ‘referred’ by the examiner there will be a delay in these timescales of up to 30 working days from the point the exam is referred depending on the type of referral. You will get an email notifying you of the referral and of any actions you need to take to ensure the exam is able to be marked. Find out more about what a referral means on our syllabus infringement page.

Our handy checklists for Classical & Jazz, Rock & Pop and Drama & Speech can help ensure you aren't referred so please check these out before submitting.

Please note that in school holiday periods there may be a delay in receiving your exam certificate, as some of our Public Centres, who despatch these to candidates, may be closed, certificates will be despatched as soon as possible in term times.

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