Trinity’s digital submission process allows you to record and submit your performance at a time and place of your choosing. The person who books the exam can choose to also handle the submission, or they can nominate the candidate (if 18 or above) or a parent/guardian to do so themselves. Following the marking, the examination report will be sent directly to the submitter and the candidate.

Our new submission portal offers better functionality and user experience to our candidates and teachers. 

What has changed?  

  • Customised upload form: Candidates no longer need to download and complete PDF forms for reupload. Instead, they will be offered an online form within the platform with customised fields for the exam that they are taking. 
  • Nominate a submitter: Candidates (aged 18 or above) or their parents/guardians will be able to upload their video submissions themselves, even if they have not made the original booking.  
  • Multiple submissions using one account: The person uploading the submission will no longer need to access a different account if they are submitting on behalf of more than one candidate. It will now be possible to make multiple submissions using the same account.  

Submitting the exam 

If you are named as the submitter on the booking form, you will receive a request to log in to the submission platform and upload the exam. If you do not already have an account in the platform, you will first receive an email from with a username and temporary password. Once you have signed in to the platform and created a new password, you can use these details for any future submissions.

You now have 28 days to complete the submission. This means filling out the online form, and uploading the performance video together with any supporting documentation. Please refer to the relevant digital exam syllabus for information about the documentation you need to provide as well as how to name the video file.

When you have submitted the exam, you will receive email confirmation. The exam will now be marked by a Trinity examiner, and the feedback and mark will be sent by email to you as the submitter, and to the candidate (if this is a different email address).

Your video

Your video should be saved as an mp4 or mov file. To ensure that the performance video uploads smoothly and that the examiner can view it correctly, we recommend that your video file size does not exceed 1GB. If your video is larger than that, please consider reducing it by using a video compressor app from your device’s application store. 

Before submitting, also check that your video follows the filming guidance [ music | drama ] and that picture and sound plays correctly from beginning to end.  

Remember that you may not re-use a performance video for any subsequent exam entries.  

We strongly advise candidates not to share their performance videos online. Pieces in the Music and the Drama and Performance syllabuses are under copyright, and many of those rights are not owned by Trinity. Trinity only has the required permissions for usage of these pieces in TCL Press published books and in relation to Trinity exams. As such, if you would like to share your videos online, you should apply to the copyright owner(s) to obtain synchronisation licences as Trinity does not usually have the right to grant the relevant permissions. Any candidate sharing performances of copyrighted material will be personally liable for any breach of copyright law.  


  1. Check that your video follows the filming guidance for music or drama  
  2. Ensure your video file is below the recommended file size for submission 
  3. Check that your video is named correctly* and saved as a mov or mp4  
  4. Ensure you have collated all the supporting documentation required (eg scans of your music notation or spoken texts, approval letters, etc.)* 

* Please see the relevant syllabus for information.


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