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The map on the right shows all public centres offering Trinity drama exams in the UK & Ireland as well as private centres accepting external candidates. These centres accept individual or small groups of candidates. Anyone can enter to have their exam at these centres.

Public centres are shown in blue and private centres accepting external candidates are shown in purple. To see details for a specific location please zoom in and click on the point shown. Alternatively, click here to view a larger map and all listed details.

Public Centres

Each public centre has a local representative who can assist you in entering for an exam. The local representative will support the enrolment and scheduling of the exam, as well as making sure your results are sent to you after the exam. Contact details are given on the map and you should direct any questions you have to them in the first instance.

To enter a Drama exam at a public centre:

  • check the date, fee and centre details
  • complete the relevant application form (from the options to the right) and send it, along with the full fee, to the local representative at your nearest centre before the exam closing date
  • make cheques payable to Trinity College London

You can request confirmation that your application form has been received by including a stamped addressed envelope with your application and filling out the receipt section at the bottom. Otherwise you should expect an appointment to be confirmed around three weeks in advance of the exam date

If you are a candidate at one of our Public Centres please read our additional Candidate Guidance regarding sickness prior to attending your exam.

Please note that it is not possible to take the online version of our Communication Skills exam at public centres.

Private centres accepting external candidates

If using a public centre is not an option due to distance or exam dates, you can get in touch with one of our private centres who accept external candidates to see if they can accept your candidates. Please note that these are centres willing to accept external candidates onto their existing exam sessions, so dates may not always be available.

If entering via one of these centres please contact that centre directly about entering and paying for your candidates.

Digital certificates

From September 2023, Trinity College London has changed the way we issue certificates for many of our exams for customers in the UK & Ireland.

Learn more

Register here to feature your Private Drama Exam Centre on the above map.

Exam application forms

Solo grade exam entry form
Pairs and Groups exam entry form
Diploma exam entry form

Late entries

Entries will not normally be accepted after the given closing date. All requests made after the closing date will be liable for a surcharge. Find out more about late entries on our FAQ page.


Access our current fees for the United Kingdom and Ireland

Exam help and FAQs

All the key information about drama exams in the UK and Ireland including FAQs

Drama Special Needs

Learn more about our provision for candidates with special needs

Drama exam regulations

Important information for all Trinity College London Drama exams

Written Paper exams

Written exams in the UK can be taken in any Drama public centre on the map above but can also be taken at any Music theory centre too.

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