Theory and written papers exams

Public Centres

Music Theory exams and written papers for Drama can be taken at public music centres on the map on this page (and at all Drama public centres for Drama written papers).

To enter for an exam, fill in an entry form for music or drama and send with the appropriate fee to the centre representative before the exam closing date for the session, find upcoming dates and closing dates on the right hand side of this page.

Each centre has a centre representative who can assist you in entering for an exam. The centre representative will organise the enrolment as well as making sure your results and certificates are sent to you after the exam. Contact details are given on the map and you should direct any questions you have to them in the first instance.

Private Centres

If you are a private exam centre who wants to book theory exams or written papers, these exams take place on set dates throughout the year which you can find in the right hand side of this page.

You can hold theory exams / written paper exams at your own organisation with no minimum fee. There is no need to pre-book this, please enter your candidates via Trinity Online by the closing date listed.

If you have any further questions please contact your coordinator. You can find contact details on the private music centre or private drama centre pages. 

Further information on Theory exams including past papers and study books can be found on the Music Theory pages.

Further information on drama written papers exams including past papers can be found on the Drama Diplomas pages.

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Map of Public Theory Centres

2023 exam dates 

Please note: Some centres may not offer written exams on all available days, Diploma papers are only available on the Saturday date of each theory paper session. Contact the centre representative to confirm on which days exams are available.

Date and time
Closing date
Papers available
Saturday 4 February
Monday 19 December 2022  
Music Theory Grades and Diplomas
Monday 6 February 
Monday 19 December 2022
Music Theory Grades
Saturday 13 May 
Monday 27 March   
Music Theory Grades and Diplomas
Drama Written Papers
Monday 15 May 
Monday 27 March 
Music Theory Grades
Saturday 4 November 
Monday 18 September   
Music Theory Grades and Diplomas
Drama Written Papers
Monday 6 November
Monday 18 September
Music Theory Grades


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