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Enter for Digital Grades & Diplomas

Enter for Digital Grades and Diplomas

Update on face-to-face exams

Throughout the pandemic Trinity has made the safety of all our candidates, examiners and staff our number one priority. Following the UK government’s most recent announcements regarding the planned phased approach to easing lockdown restrictions, and in line with the latest government advice, we can now announce the restart of face-to-face practical exams for the 2021 summer session and beyond in our public and private exam centres in the UK.

The planned restart dates are as follows:

  • 17 May 2021 - Private exam centres for face-to-face exams .
  • 21 June 2021 - Public exam centres for face-to-face exams. This is the earliest date possible. Exact centre dates will be published soon on the website.

Face-to-face private centre exam bookings will be subject to the usual 8-week advance booking period. All private music centres booking face-to-face exams will need to account for Trinity’s considerations for the safe set up of exams. These have been shared on email with centre representatives.

We are currently not able to confirm the restart of face-to-face exams in the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man – we will update our position on this as soon as it changes.

Our plans are based on the successful rollout of the government’s plans. We will also continue to monitor Covid-19 case rates, as well as considering all other relevant factors for a successful and safe restart. These plans are of course subject to any further government guidance.

We continue to support teachers, candidates and schools across all our subjects through our new Digital Grades and Diplomas exams for music, Rock & Pop and drama. These stand alongside face-to- face assessment as an academically robust and simple-to-use option, and we encourage teachers, candidates and schools working across all of our arts subjects to consider a digital assessment if appropriate and convenient. This option is available to book at any point during the year. Click for more information on our Digital Grades and Diplomas.

View our Coronavirus page for the latest updates, frequently asked questions.


Postal booking

To enter any Trinity classical or jazz music exam:

  • check the date, fee and centre details - see table below
  • complete the relevant application form in the table below and send it, along with the full fee, to the local representative at your nearest centre before the exam closing date
  • make cheques payable to Trinity College London

You can enter for an exam at one of Trinity’s public centres - or,  if you fulfil certain criteria, request an examiner visit you:

  • Public centres: each public centre has a local representative who can assist you in entering for an exam. The local representative will organise the enrolment and scheduling of the exam, as well as making sure your results and certificates are sent to you after the exam.
  • Examiner visit: for further information on booking an examiner visit, please see Private music exam visits in England, Scotland and Wales. Please note that examiner visits are not available in Northern Ireland.

Exam centres and dates

Application forms

2020/21 Fees

UK - Classical and Jazz, Percussion and Drum Kit

UK - Rock & Pop

Ireland - Rock & Pop

Music Theory exams

Theory exams can be taken at those centres indicated by an orange dot on the UK & Ireland Music centre map.

To enter for an exam, fill in an entry form and send with the appropriate fee to the local representative before the exam closing date as found on the UK & Ireland Music centre map. Each centre has a local representative who can assist you in entering for an exam. The local representative will organise the enrolment and scheduling of the exam, as well as making sure your results and certificates are sent to you after the exam. 

Please note:

  • Some centres may not offer written exams on all available days. Contact the centre representative to confirm on which days exams are available.
  • Further information on Theory exams (including dates) can be found on the Music Theory pages.

Confirmation of booking

You can request confirmation that your application form has been received by including a stamped addressed envelope with your application. Otherwise you should expect an appointment to be confirmed around three weeks in advance of the exam date.

Special needs information

Learn more about our provision for candidates with special needs and download a special needs request form.

Rock & Pop exams

Learn more about our Rock & Pop exam centres and book online at the Rock & Pop website.

Important information


Music Online Booking

In response to customer interest, Trinity has introduced a new online booking and payment service for practical music exams in the UK. All music grade, certificate and recital diploma exams (including percussion) are available.

  • Theory and Group exams are not currently included
  • Book Trinity Rock & Pop exams at

Book online


Online booking offers many new benefits – it allows applicants to:

  • book and pay for practical music exams
  • choose the most convenient exam centre
  • select a preferred date
  • receive a confirmed time and appointment slip by email, within 24 hours of booking
  • apply vouchers or special offers (issued since 15 August 2017)
  • register, log in and edit their account details
  • change or cancel a booking up until the closing date
  • view all booking and candidate details made on the system (since 15 August 2017)
  • send themselves an email reminder of the confirmed exam booking
  • plus there’s an improved registration process for Special Educational Needs bookings

These services aim to make it much easier for teachers, parents and candidates to plan around exams.

Book online


Online Booking is available at selected UK centres - please see Music Centres for location details.

Please note:

  • Special needs: candidates with special needs requirements can enter online, but will need to complete and return by post a special needs provision form. A link to this form is available on screen after an online booking has been made.
  • Private examiner visits: the procedure for booking examiner visits to private centres remains unchanged.
  • Rock & Pop: entry for Rock & Pop exams remains unchanged – bookings for Rock & Pop exams should be made via the Rock & Pop website at

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