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Enter for Digital Grades & Diplomas

Enter for Digital Grades and Diplomas

Update on face-to-face exams

We have now restarted face-to-face practical exams in our public and private exam centres.

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Booking Drama and Speech exams (UK and Ireland)

You can take a Trinity exam at a Trinity Exam Centre. A complete List of Drama centres is available below. This also includes exam dates and contact details for Trinity representatives. You should contact the rep directly to double-check that your chosen date is running. Please send entry forms and payment directly to the representative listed in the document.

If the dates or locations aren't convenient, you can arrange for an examiner to visit you under our Examiner Visit Scheme. This is open to schools and private teachers in the UK and Ireland - you just need to reach a minimum spend of £550 (or €750) in examination fees respectively. You'll get access to Trinity Online, which supports exam administration and gives you access to centre records and candidate statistics.

Please note: in order to hold your own exams with the Examiner Visit Scheme you will need to be a registered exam centre with Trinity. For more information on becoming a registered exam centre please click here.

Book exams here (Private Centres only)

For more information or to book an examiner visit please contact your coordinator Alexandra Harvey, alexandra.harvey@trinitycollege.co.uk, 020 7820 6174.

Booking details

Centre information

You may wish to consult our Ten top tips for exam day.

Grade and Certificate exams: entry forms and fees

Diplomas: entry form and fees

Written exams in the UK can be taken in any Drama public centre but can also be taken at any Music theory centre too. This document contains a list of all Music public centres, with those able to accept written papers listed with a (T).

UK and Ireland Public Drama Centres and Private Drama Centres accepting external candidates

The map below features UK and Ireland Public Drama centres (in blue) and Private Drama Centres that accept external candidates (in purple). If using a public centre is not an option due to distance, exam dates or if you have difficulty reaching the minimum fee on your own, you can get in touch with the private centres shown here to see if they can accept your candidates.

Register here to feature your Private Drama Exam Centre on the above map

Late entries

Entries will not normally be accepted after the given closing date. All requests made after the closing date will be liable for a surcharge. Late entry requests will depend on there being enough time in the examiner’s schedule to accommodate additional candidates and/or to arrange the provision of additional exam papers.

The following fees apply:

Date of request after the booking date

Surcharge - Practical exams

Surcharge - Theory exams

Between the closing date and 21 days before the exam  



Between 20 days and 14 days before the exam      


Not possible

Less than 14 days before the exam date

Not possible

Not possible

Trinity and its representatives make no guarantee that acceptance of a late entry will result in the exam taking place. If a late entry has been accepted but the exam cannot take place, the fee will be refunded at Trinity’s discretion but the surcharge will be retained to cover costs of administration of the late entry.


Communications Skills exams by online delivery (solo)

Private drama centres in the UK and Ireland who would like to enter candidates for online Communication Skills examinations should be aware of the following arrangements.

Bookings for online Communication Skills examinations can be made for a 3.5-hour period only. This equates to three hours of examining time (incorporating breaks). Timetabling is automatic and  breaks will be built in; a 10-minute break will be timetabled every 50 minutes. If a subsequent examination session is booked on the same day, a second examiner will be provided for the later session.

The online Communications Skills assessment must be completed via Zoom. Centres should make sure they are proficient in the use of Zoom.

Examination bookings can be made in the usual way. There is no minimum fee for entry. For assistance with enrolling candidates, please use the help guides found at the top right of the screen once logged into the portal

Champion Centres

Trinity Champion Centres inspire existing and potential centres by sharing their practice and advocating for the qualifications in their communities and more widely. In return, we celebrate achievements, profile their success and promote their work as part of our support offer to teachers and centres. Find out more.

Important information for all Drama exams

Exam regulations
Drama exam regulations - for graded, certificate and diploma exams in:

  • Acting and speaking
  • Musical theatre
  • Performance arts
  • Communication skills

See the main Exam administration page for information for those running Trinity College London exams (including the Drama Centre best practice guide).

Audio recording
Please note: all Drama exams are now audio-recorded for quality assurance purposes.

Special needs
Learn more about our provision for candidates with special needs.


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