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Why choose Trinity College London?

Trinity College London is a leading international exam board and independent education charity that has been providing assessments around the world since 1877.

We believe that effective communicative and performance skills are life enhancing, know no bounds and should be within reach of us all.

We exist to promote and foster the best possible communicative and performance skills through assessment, content and training which is innovative, personal and authentic.

Why Trinity for Drama exams?

  • Our suite of drama syllabuses covers the broadest range of contemporary performance and theatre-making.
  • All of our drama exams allow teachers and candidates free choice of performance pieces to focus on works that play to their strengths, interests or complement an existing curriculum.
  • All our drama exams present candidates with practical, creative tasks that prepare them for situations in both education and the workplace, thus enabling them to develop valuable 21st century skills in communication, creativity and confidence.
  • Over 100 digital support resources for teachers and candidates, and an online anthology providing a diverse and international range of example pieces that offer the structure and inspiration needed to build exam programmes.
  • Provisional results on the same day of the exam, with supportive feedback provided.
  • We have a dedicated, UK based support team on hand to offer teachers and learners guidance and encouragement.

Enter candidates for Trinity’s drama exams

If you would like to prepare and enter candidates for Trinity’s drama exams, there are three options available to you:

1) Become a Trinity Registered Exam Centre

This is a good option if you would like to host exams at your venue or organisation and have enough candidates to meet our minimum fee (currently £826/€1500). You will have control of the timetable, date and running of your exam session. There is no charge to become a centre with us.

Step 1 - Read the eligibility criteria and venue requirements here to check that your organisation is eligible to provide Trinity assessments.

Step 2 - Complete the application form on our centre registration page (using our guidance and checklist where needed).

Step 3 - Our team will process your application. This normally takes up to 4 weeks and during this time you may be required to provide further information. Please note that pictures of the proposed exam room(s) are required to supplement applications. You will be asked to sign an agreement once your application is approved.

Step 4 - Once registered, you will receive a dedicated operational and academic contact, who will support you with delivering and entering for the exams.

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For more information or to request a call back to discuss becoming a centre with Trinity, please email or book a callback.

2) Go digital only

You can register as a centre to only offer our Digital exams and Acting for Screen. There are no venue requirements and no minimum fee to meet. This is a good option if you have smaller numbers of candidates, want to go fully digital and want full control over managing your entries.

Follow the same process as above.

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3) Enter via a public centre

This is a good option if you have smaller numbers of candidates to enter as there is no requirement to meet a minimum fee. Find your nearest public centre for Drama exams.

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