Digital Music & Drama exams in the UK and Republic of Ireland

Our digital Music & Drama exams provide a digital experience for the assessment of music and drama grade, Acting for Screen and diploma exams. These exams sit alongside our face-to-face exams, providing even more choice and flexibility in how graded qualifications can be achieved.

All the information you need about these qualifications including filming guidelines and how to complete your upload can be found in the Digital Grades and Diplomas  and Acting for Screen areas of our website.

Find out more about how to enter, what the fees are, and how we will support you by clicking on the buttons below.

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Why choose digital exams?

Digital Grades and Diplomas are an exciting new addition to Trinity College London’s range of qualifications. With more candidates and teachers opting for these remote assessment options, here are ten reasons to ‘go digital’ for your next examination.

No special recording equipment is required to film your submission.

You can make several recordings and submit the performance you are most happy with.

Digital exams are constructed in a unique way that is designed to support online teaching and learning.

They are recognised and regulated in the same way as face-to-face exams, including UCAS points for higher grades.

You can make your recording at a time and place that most suits you.

The flexibility loved by Trinity customers is included, such as free choice of pieces for drama exams.

You can enter for an exam when you feel ready. There is no need to work towards a set exam session.

There is no need to travel to an exam centre, meaning less time away from learning.

Recording candidates provides a great opportunity for them to see and hear where they are doing well and what they can improve.

For drama, candidates can prepare for the reflective questions in advance and have no surprises in the exam.

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