Raymond Sweeney-Clements

Raymond describes how Information Technology is driving Trinity’s future and how a flexible-working arrangement allows him to excel in his role and beyond.

Describe your role as IT Support Engineer at Trinity? 

As an IT support Engineer, I deal with a wide range of queries and support issues that span across multiple platforms and teams within Trinity. I help resolve issues and work within a team to discuss and implement improvements to our IT systems.

How are the digital systems within Trinity helping us move towards the future? 

IT is the foundation of everything else being able to happen and it underpins all aspects of the work performed by all departments. From video conferencing, online collaboration, day-to-day working on Trinity provided hardware and being able to communicate within your team and other teams across the business seamlessly. Digital systems are supporting the scope of ensuring advancements in inclusivity, accountability, flexibility in working opportunities and overall efficiency at Trinity.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I enjoy the new challenges that are presented almost daily, the use of modern technology and the scope for development within my current role and within Trinity itself. I enjoy the opportunities to make key individual connections and the continuing improvements in my knowledge of the systems used.

You have a flexible working pattern. What does that look like and how has it benefited you?

I now work compressed hours over 4 days due to my current home life situation. Wednesdays are my scheduled day away from Trinity to be a day at home for caring responsibilities. Flexible working has supported me and my family significantly for example allowing my wife scheduled respite. My manager considered my specific circumstances rather than apply a blanket policy to all which is highly progressive in recognising everyone will have different work/life situations through various life seasons to manage.

Why should someone consider a career within IT at Trinity? 

Trinity has a culture of team support, a scope for career progression, opportunities to meet and support such a diverse range of people's IT needs from all aspects of the organisation from CEO to contracted weekend centre staff. The ability to work on ever-improving systems is invaluable to maintain IT skills.

What advice would you give to people wanting to make a break into IT? 

Remember that the role of good communication is fundamentally as important as all the technical knowledge. You will need to know how to communicate both effectively and with patience if you want to be successful in IT. Developing and strengthening these key transferrable skills such as good communication will greatly support IT career development.

What is the best part about working for Trinity?  

The overall progressive modern feeling within the flexibility of Trinity College. I enjoy working for an organisation which I feel is continuing to respond and adapt as necessary with the aim to meet to 21st century business and employee requirements.


“I enjoy working for an organisation which I feel is continuing to respond and adapt as necessary with the aim to meet to 21st century business and employee requirements.”

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