William Sheppard

From Registrar to Centre Manager in the space of a year, William is one of our fastest risers in the Secure English Language Tests (SELT) division. He shares his amazing journey with us.

What made your first decide to join Trinity?

Joining Trinity was part of a career change for me. I previously worked in Engineering but I decided to follow my dreams and study History with Mandarin. Applying for the role at Trinity was initially to support my studies. This opportunity transformed beyond my expectations.

Tell us about your experience transitioning from a Registrar to Assistant Team Leader, and then eventually to Centre Manager?

I settled into the team really quickly and the working environment allowed me to quickly transition to the new roles and opportunities that arose. The progression I have experienced in a short time at Trinity would not have been possible without the support of the Birmingham team and management.

Our Birmingham test centre consistently holds a high rating with our customers. What is the secret to managing a successful test point?

The biggest priority for me was to create an environment where staff and candidates feel valued and comfortable. By having a healthy work environment, we are able to concentrate on creating a memorable experience for customers as well as meeting the requirements set by the UKVI. I am also very lucky that some of my colleagues have excellent customer service abilities, they often go above and beyond to ensure candidates who attend one of our centres leave feeling positive about their journey with Trinity SELT.

How has Trinity supported your development and career growth?

Whilst being manager of Birmingham & Leicester, I am able to continue my studies which I am hugely passionate about. Without the support of my management I wouldn’t be able to continue my academic progression alongside my progression at work. I feel hugely lucky to work in an environment where I am able to pursue both.

Why do you think it is important that Trinity provides opportunities to advance and what has it personally meant to you?

Trinity has a huge amount of talent and opportunities to advance allow us to retain such talented people. Personally, the opportunities I have received have developed my relationship with Trinity. This, alongside the relationships I have built since working here has developed a connection deeper than with any place I have worked in the past.

What does the future hold for you and your career?

In the short term I want to continue to contribute to the success of Trinity and the Birmingham and Leicester centres. In the more medium term, I hope that I can use my progressing mandarin ability, which is now B2 Level, in a role that continues to contribute to the success of Trinity College London. A future role that encompasses the passion I have for Mandarin and Trinity would be hugely satisfying.

What is the best part about working for Trinity?

Without doubt the people are the best part. My relationships with the Birmingham & Leicester team as well as my management really makes coming to work a happy experience. Added to that we meet so many amazing candidates with interesting lives and stories making everyday interesting.


“Without doubt the people are the best part.”

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