Our people

Our people are the heartbeat of everything we do. We want everyone to be their best and have an inspiring work-environment where we can cater for individual needs.

We are proud

Being proud is at the core of who we are. We take immense pride in our work, our team and our accomplishments. It’s not just about achieving success but about taking a moment to celebrate the milestones we reach. Our sense of pride drives us to consistently deliver our best, ensuring that everything we do reflect the quality and dedication that we stand for at Trinity. By being proud of ourselves, our colleagues and our organisation, we inspire an environment of positivity and excellence.


We are passionate

Our passion is our driving force. We’re not just employees; we are individuals who are deeply enthusiastic about what we do. Our passion fuels our creativity and motivates us to explore new avenues and keeps us dedicated to our goals. We approach challenges with vigour, allowing our passionate selves to spark innovative solutions and create a dynamic atmosphere that encourages collaboration and learning.


We keep promises

Understanding the importance of trust in all our relationships, whether with our colleagues, clients or partners means that when we make a commitment we follow through with unwavering dedication. This not only enhances our reliability but also cultivates a culture of accountability. By keeping our promises, we build lasting connections, foster mutual respect and demonstrate our dedication to the highest standards of professionalism.

How we connect

We offer various work arrangements at Trinity depending on your role, department, and location. Our head office in London is open 5 days a week and you can work flexibly from one of our open-plan desk spaces, in our break-out areas and pods, a selection of meeting rooms or, if you prefer, from your own personal space at home. Whatever you decide, we make sure to stay connected.

Developing our people

As with our customers, we prioritise learning and skill development with our colleagues at Trinity. We support our people and help them realise their ambitions through providing access to learning and development resources and activities including:


Digital learning hub

Powered by LinkedIn, the digital learning hub offers access to more than 16,000 video courses taught by industry experts to broaden your business knowledge, develop in-demand skills and enhance career opportunities. Even better, it allows learning at your own pace and in a way that works best for you.



Trinity’s approach to performance management takes a more personal and engaging approach. The importance is on regular conversations between employees and their managers, conducted through 1:1 meetings and informal check-ins. It is this ongoing, real-time feedback that drives performance and personal development and helps people succeed and stay on track.


Connect and learn

We run monthly 'connect and learn' sessions to give everyone an opportunity to learn more about the business, get to know new colleagues across the company and take some time out to reflect on your very own personal development and growth at work and beyond.



Our workshops are designed and created in-house to refresh and upsize skills and maximise impact. Anyone is welcome to attend and topics are varied and change regularly.


e-Learning courses

When you start with us, we’ll make sure that you are up to speed with everything that you need to know. Through a partnered training provider, we’ll put you on accessible and simple to use e-learning modules to set you up for success at Trinity. In some cases, we’ll help you refresh your knowledge every year.

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