Luke Parker

Luke Parker has woven a vibrant and colourful career lattice during his six years at Trinity and is now one of our newest Product Managers where innovation and creativity is at the heart of what he does.

How has your career evolved at Trinity?

My career at Trinity has been one of growth, versatility, and unwavering commitment. Following roles covering Marketing, Customer Excellence, IT, and Business Development, I have a deep understanding of customer needs, market trends, and enhanced technical capabilities. Additionally, unique insights gained from a variety of roles, have shaped me into a well-rounded Product Manager with a unique and refined skillset.

What kind of work do you get to work on in your role?

With a deep understanding of the Trinity’s mission, I collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to conceptualise and develop innovative products and solutions that meet the evolving needs of school owners, teachers, and candidates.

What kind of unique learning and development opportunities have you had with us?

During my time at Trinity, I have been provided with a wealth of unique learning and development opportunities that have facilitated my continuous professional development. The diverse roles and projects I have undertaken have exposed me to a broad range of experiences and challenges, allowing me to develop valuable transferable skills. Trinity’s commitment to fostering a culture of learning has enabled me to stay abreast of the latest industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies. Working at Trinity has provided me with access to a variety of training opportunities and I’ve been empowered to expand my knowledge and expertise continuously.

How is Trinity innovating in the Product space?

At Trinity, our product team embraces agile methodologies and draws upon best practices from the EdTech industry and diverse domains to drive innovation. Using our deep knowledge of teaching, learning, and user needs, we are at the forefront of emerging technologies and behaviours, exemplified by our newly launched NoteLab platform that leverages AI to generate skills-based content for teachers. Our student offerings include Skill Up!, an app providing real-time feedback on English pronunciation and comprehension. By fusing cutting-edge innovation with pedagogical expertise, we create products that empower educators and learners alike.

How would you describe the culture in your team or at Trinity more broadly?

At Trinity, we cultivate a culture that truly embodies our core values and vision. It's a vibrant, inclusive, and dynamic organisation with a diverse workforce. A common thread that binds us all together is a solid focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience. Every decision, every action, and every initiative is meticulously crafted with the customer in mind, ensuring that we consistently exceed their expectations. This is not just a job for many of us – it’s a passion. With a real focus on empowering and equipping individuals to develop authentic and transferrable skills, alongside being an independent education charity, we take great pride in knowing that our efforts contribute to something greater than ourselves.

How do you feel rewarded, recognised and valued in your role?

Over the course of my journey at Trinity, I have been rewarded, recognised, and valued in a truly meaningful way – through the incredible opportunities for professional growth and advancement. Which is a testament to Trinity’s commitment to nurturing and empowering its talented workforce. I have been able to take on increasingly challenging and rewarding roles that have provided invaluable learning experiences and have given me a deep sense of pride and belonging. Trinity continues to invest in my growth, recognises my unique value and ensures that I am equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel.

What is the best part about working for Trinity?

I truly appreciate being part of a diligent and hardworking team that takes great pride in their work and aims to provide an excellent experience for our customers consistently. My colleagues are supportive individuals and there is a real sense of collaboration, where my contributions and skills are acknowledged and respected.

The teams at Trinity are focused on delivering quality, and the overall atmosphere is both professional and friendly. We understand the importance of our roles and strive to fulfil our responsibilities to the best of our abilities. Mutual respect and a clear vision communicated and understood by colleagues around the world ensures we remain focused on achieving our shared goals.


“My colleagues are supportive individuals and there is a real sense of collaboration, where my contributions and skills are acknowledged and respected.”

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