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University Credits for holders of DipTESOL

We have agreed credit arrangements with a number of UK universities for holders of the DipTESOL wishing to take an MA-type level 7 qualifications. On this page you can download a current list of these arrangements – although please contact any university that interests you in order to confirm and the amount of credit available can depend on a number of factors such as the course modules you intend to take.

Credit arrangements include fixed amounts of M-level credit or exemption from all or part of specific modules. One university currently offers a fully integrated DipTESOL/MA TESOL programme. Courses attracting credit include MAs/MScs in TESOL, ELT, Applied Linguistics, Education and Professional Services.

If you have any further questions about how these MA credits work, please contact us.

Trinity College London & The Open University Credit Transfer

Trinity College London and the Open University are delighted to announce that as of September 2011, the Open University offers credit transfer of 60 credits to holders of the Trinity College London Level 7 DipTESOL wishing to take the Applied Linguistics modules of the Open University Masters degree in Education (FO1). Further details on this qualification are available on the Open University website.

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