Introducing Trinity College London

Introducing Trinity

A leading international regulated exam board, publisher and independent education charity

Trinity College London specialises in:

  • English language
  • Music
  • Communication and performance
  • Teacher qualifications

Proof of Skills

Trinity College London provides a suite of regulated assessments and qualifications – giving students access to proof of their skills, higher education, jobs and social mobility.

Heritage and Modernity

Established in 1872 we have been offering assessments since 1877. Our qualifications are supported by both our long-standing expertise and extensive up-to-date research.

Trusted by Governments

Trinity is a leading provider of Secure English Language Testing (SELT) for the United Kingdom Visa & Immigration service (UKVI). We work with institutions, teachers and ministries all around the globe.

Trinity’s Integrated Skills in English Exam (ISE) is a four skills test which offers a user-friendly qualification recognised for immigration purposes and access to higher education.

Communication Skills for Real Life

Our expertise in communication and performance qualifications means that our English language qualifications provide a development in real-life speaking and listening.

Our Drama and Music syllabuses add further transferable skills to the package we can offer.

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“We choose Trinity over other exam boards because we know their level of seriousness is a guarantee of quality. Their exams are based on performance and therefore we know that our students will really learn to communicate in English, because they offer exams for everyone so each student can do the right level and type of exam.”
Vincenza, Director, Languages All Together,
Bagnara Calabro, Italy

Case Studies

Find out more about Trinity's many years of experience in providing consultancy, customised assessments, research and impact studies to governments.


Hear directly from some of the government and educational bodies around the world who have worked with Trinity.


Find out more about our recognition with regulatory bodies, governments and institutions.

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