Understanding Trinity certificates

Trinity College London certificates feature the following elements:

  1. Trinity College London coat of arms
  2. Name of the awarding organisation - Trinity College London
  3. Name of the candidate – this appears exactly as registered 
  4. Name of school if this was provided 
  5. Trinity exam name and level
  6. Regulated qualification name and achievement level
  7. CEFR* level - regulated English language qualifications only
  8. Pass level achieved - for exams that differentiate levels
  9. Place of entry and dates
  10. Signature of Chief Executive of Trinity College London
  11. Relevant ID numbers
  12. Logo(s) of relevant qualification regulatory authorities 
  13. Trinity College London logo

* CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference for languages

Find out more about achievement levels and certificate authenticity 

Download a PDF poster depicting a typical example certificate:



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