Certificate authenticity

Trinity’s certificates are valid for life. An authentic Trinity certificate provides valid evidence of a candidate's achievement at the time of assessment - ie recognition of what was observed and measured on the date of the exam.

Checking certificate authenticity 

Here is a checklist to help you identify authentic Trinity certificates.

Certificates issued before September 2018:

  • Paper quality – is the paper about twice the weight of printer paper?
  • Use of fonts – is the same font used throughout?
  • Alignment – does the certificate printing appear perfectly straight?
  • Watermark – is this visible when the certificate is held up to the light?

Certificates issued after September 2018 include new features:

  • Trinity coat of arms background design in purple 
  • A square hologram featuring the Trinity coat of arms

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What to do if you suspect a certificate is not authentic 

If you suspect that a certificate is not authentic, please scan a colour copy of the certificate and email it to verification@trinitycollege.com


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