Become a validated TESOL centre

Become a CertTESOL course provider

If you would like to become a Trinity-validated CertTESOL course provider, please read Trinity CertTESOL validation requirements.

You will be required to submit an organisation fact file to the Trinity English Language Teacher Development Department, after which you may be invited to submit a full proposal for review by Trinity, together with the relevant scrutiny fee. This is no guarantee of eventual validation. During the validation process you are welcome to consult Trinity by email (or telephone) if you have any queries about the interpretation of the Validation Requirements. Trinity does not issue sample proposals. We regard it as important that you put together your own proposal following the headings given in the Validation Requirements and giving as much detail of your own proposed course as possible. The validation process is one of discussion and negotiation.

The usual timescale for review and final decision on a proposal is 12 to 16 weeks. You should therefore consider submitting a proposal some months before your anticipated first course start date in order to allow time for the full review process and then recruitment of trainees.

Once validated course providers have run several courses successfully, it is possible for them to apply to export a course to another set of premises. They are known as the parent course provider and retain full legal, financial and academic responsibility for the course. They have to export the course design and their own training staff. The partner organisation must be able to offer premises and resources of a sufficiently high standard to meet Trinity's requirements. See the validation requirements for full details of the export procedure.

Become a TYLEC course provider

If you decide that you wish to offer the TYLEC, you need to submit an 'Expression of Interest' form. For more information please email

Become a CertPT course provider

If you decide that you wish to offer the CertPT, you need to submit an 'Expression of Interest' form. For more information please email

Become a DipTESOL course provider

If you decide that you wish to offer the DipTESOL, you need to submit a proposal for validation. Please see the LTCL Diploma TESOL Syllabus and Requirements 2007 for full details of the process. Here is an overview:

  • Firstly, you need to submit an organization fact file. Trinity will use this to decide whether you can proceed to a full proposal.
  • If your organization is approved, you should submit one hard copy and one electronic copy of your proposal to the Chief Examiner together with the scrutiny fee. It should cover the areas listed in the VRs, p.18 ff. key decisions that you need to make include: the delivery mode (full-time, part-time or with a distance component); the course dates, frequency, class size and length; staffing issues, including training and induction. We can provide you with advice and guidance on these and other issues.
  • When Trinity receives your proposal, it is sent to our validation panel for further comment. The Chief Examiner will then compile a range of recommendations and suggestions for amendment. You will then use these as a basis for making a second submission.
  • Once Trinity and the provider have agreed that the proposal is acceptable, we make a validation visit in order to talk to the course director and tutors and review the premises and resources.
  • Trinity confirms in writing, normally not more than two weeks after the validation visit, that either the proposal now meets all the critiera and the course can be formally validated, or that further revisions are still required.

The process of validation takes approximately 12 weeks in total. Our aim is to support you throughout the process and ensure that you are able to deliver the course in a way that best suits your organization. Courses should start within 12 months of confirmation. Validated courses are normally subject to an annual inspection.



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