Student information for ISE (paper edition)

English skills for academic study and employability

ISE (paper edition) is a test of Reading & Writing and Speaking & Listening in English.

A Trinity ISE qualification provides valuable evidence of your ability to use English. Preparing for Trinity's ISE exams helps you develop the transferable English language communication skills you need for academic study and for employability purposes. To find out where Trinity ISE qualifications are recognised and accepted visit Recognition.

ISE (paper edition) exam levels

There is an ISE level for every student from beginner to advanced.

ISE A1 (A1)  ISE Foundation (A2)  | ISE I (B1)  |  ISE II (B2  ISE III (C1)  |  ISE IV (C2)*

*ISE IV has a different format to ISE at CEFR levels A1–C1

ISE (paper edition) test overview

See what the exam is like. Download a test overview for levels B1–C1:

ISE (paper edition) guides for students

Download a Guide for Students (below) for information about what to expect on exam day and read about what you need to be able to do at each level.

Practice activities 

There are two ISE (paper edition) exam modules: Reading & Writing and Speaking & Listening. The type of activities you need to practise for the ISE exam tasks are relevant for life at school, college or  university.

You can find lots of practice activities, videos and text books on this website by looking at the ISE (paper edition) resource sections for your ability level. Check with your teacher if you are not sure of your ability level.

Taking the two ISE (paper edition) exam modules 

If you are taking an ISE exam as Secure English Language Test (SELT) in the UK for visa you have to talk both exam modules Reading & Writing and Speaking & Listening on the same day. If you are not taking ISE as a SELT test in the UK, you can take the two modules separately - your teacher can advise you.


How will you use your English skills?

See what you can do with your ISE English qualification.

Why integrated skills are important

Listen to Daniela explain why she believes this exam helps her prepare for her life and university.

Factsheet for students

ISE factsheet for students

Download the factsheet



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