Results and certificates for ISE (paper edition)

Module results and full certificates

When a student passes an exam module they a receive module certificate showing separate results for reading, writing, speaking and listening (Pass, Merit or Distinction).

When the student has passed both exam modules at the same level, a Trinity Integrated Skills in English qualification is awarded and a full ISE qualification certificate is issued - usually within 8 weeks of the exam.

Note: The same candidate ID number must be used when entering for each exam module in order for a full ISE certificate to be awarded.

Trinity certificates have no expiry date. Our qualifications are valid for life as robust evidence of achievement at the time of assessment. Note however that some immigration, employer and education institutions demand recent qualifications as an indication of current proficiency irrespective of exam board.

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Diagnostic profile reports

Together with ISE exam results we also provide a detailed diagnostic profile report for each student which shows their strengths and areas for improvement across each subset of skills.

See sample diagnostic reports here:

Diagnostic reports are useful for identifying which skills students need to develop and practise to improve. Use the information in the report to identify relevant practice activities in our skills development tables below. 

Here is an example of a candidate’s diagnostic report for Task 1 - Long reading in the Reading & Writing part of the exam. It shows the three language skills measured by Task 1:

Although this candidate's sub-skills in 'reading for the main idea' and 'reading carefully for details' are good (ie the coloured bars correspond to 'adequate performance'), the sub-skill of 'reading carefully for facts or information' needs further development (ie the coloured bar corresponds to 'more practice required').

Skills development

In the above example, the candidate needs to improve the sub-skill 'reading'. Use our Skills Development Tables for ideas about how to improve this particular sub-skill and other sub-skills.

Skills Development Tables

Note: Diagnostic profile reports are not intended as a test scoring feature or an exact measure of test performance. Their purpose is to highlight opportunities for skills development that teachers and students might want to focus on after the test.


Understanding ISE results

ISE modules to certificate

See how ISE exams are marked and how results are arrived at:

Related information:

Trinity is committed to ensuring that the standard of each qualification remains consistent over time and so reserves the right to make appropriate adjustments to published grade thresholds and/or methods of aggregating marks.


Note: ISE IV (C2) has a different format — visit ISE IV for details.




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