ISE A1 (A1) resources

Exam format and timings

The ISE A1 exam is taken in two modules — Reading & Writing and Speaking & Listening (by face-to-face video conference). Once the two modules have been passed at the same level, a certificate for the full qualification is awarded.

The four skills are assessed both independently and in an integrated way:

Reading & Writing — 1hour 30 mins

  • 2 x Reading tasks:
    • Long reading
    • Multi-text reading
  • Reading into writing task
  • Extended writing task

Speaking & Listening (by video conference) — 12 mins + admin

  • Integrated speaking and listening task
  • 2 x Independent listening tasks

Useful guides at this level

For further guides and resources on ISE A1 (A1), see the options below.

Technical for background reference only:


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