Why choose Trinity?

If you’re looking to book a SELT test for either a work visa, study visa or a family visa, Trinity College London can help.

Why choose Trinity College London for your SELT English test?

Trinity College London is approved by United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to supply Secure English Language Tests - also known as SELTs.


Trinity English language tests are very good at promoting effective learning because they reflect the way English is used in real life outside of the exam room. But that’s not the only reason to book your SELT test with Trinity College London.

Trinity exams use real-life examiners - Trinity College uses human examiners to run SELT tests which helps allow for a more fluid conversation with the examiner, in order to better reflect a real-life speaking and listening situation. Many of our candidates say it feels less like a test and more like a conversation with a friend.

Choose a convenient location for you - With over 20 SELT test centres across the UK, Trinity offers tests seven days a week. You can choose from 100's of slots based on the date, time, and location that works best for you.

Fast indication of results - Provisional results for GESE tests are sent by 9am the next day and your certificate will be emailed to you within 4-7 days of your exam date.

Immigration Advisors - Trinity works with a number of organisations across the UK that offer independent and qualified advice to help and support you on your Visa/Citizenship Immigration journey.

Trinity’s Directory of Immigration Advisors

SELT stories

With over 20 SELT centres across the UK, Trinity has helped many people pass their SELT exams. The people who’ve taken their test with Trinity felt at ease on their exam day - read more about their stories below.

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Committed to Sustainability

We believe that Sustainability is the responsibility of all of us here at Trinity, and it’s definitely a big part of our day-to-day life in the SELT department. Our aim is to reduce our impact on the environment by continually improving how we work. For example, each of our test centres has a dedicated Sustainability Champion who promotes energy savings and recycling initiatives.

Some recent improvements include: 

  • We planted hundreds of trees to support biodiversity 
  • We introduced digital certificates and cut our paper usage
  • We reduced our consumption of Single Use Plastics
  • We made smart changes and lowered our daily energy usage 

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