Exam Protect

What is Exam Protect?

Exam Protect is an optional product available to you if you are taking a Graded Examination in Spoken English (GESE) Grade 2, 3, or 5, as part of Trinity's Secure English Language Test (SELT).

We understand that unexpected circumstances can sometimes impact your performance on the test day. Exam Protect allows you to retake or reschedule your SELT exam without incurring any additional costs. Whether you need more time for preparation or a second chance, Exam Protect has you covered. What's more, you can purchase Exam Protect up to 24 hours before your scheduled Trinity SELT exam.

When you choose Trinity SELT, you are choosing flexibility, convenience, and over 10 years of experience of providing SELTs for UK visa applicants.


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Purchasing and using Exam Protect


Select a GESE SELT exam, Choose a Trinity SELT centre and pick your preferred exam date and time.  Then click on "BOOK EXAM."

This action will make the Exam Protect option available for you to buy.


To add Exam Protect as an optional product, click the "ADD" button next to it.


After you provide your personal information and proceed to payment, you will see Exam Protect included in the total payment, along with your GESE exam and any other optional products you've chosen.


Within two hours of your purchase, you will receive an email confirming your Exam Protect purchase.

This email will include a unique Exam Protect voucher code.

Please note that this information will be sent in a separate email and won't be included in your booking confirmation email.


You can only use the Exam Protect voucher code to resit a test after you receive your final results email and if you did not achieve a "pass" result.


To use your Exam Protect voucher to resit an exam:

  1. Book a new exam through the Trinity SELT exam booking website as per your original booking.
  2. Click the "USE EXAM PROTECT VOUCHER" button to apply your voucher code.
  3.  The cost will show as "£0," and you will need to check out the purchase as usual.


To reschedule your exam using Exam Protect, please contact our Customer Service team on 0333 358 3183.

How can I buy Exam Protect?

Exam Protect can be purchased when you book your test online or up to 24 hours before your Trinity SELT exam by calling our Customer Service team on 0333 358 3183

For just £30 (on top of your SELT exam fee), Exam Protect will allow you to:

  • Book one resit
  • Reschedule your test once (up to 24 hours before your test date)


For Exam Protect full terms and conditions please click here.

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Exam Protect most frequently asked questions

After you get your final result, which says you did not pass, you have 2 months to use the voucher code from the date of your original exam.

After you buy Exam Protect, you will get an email within two hours. This email will confirm your purchase and have your unique Exam Protect voucher code.

You can buy Exam Protect for £30.

You can buy Exam Protect in two ways:

  1. Online when booking your SELT exam on our website.
  2. Calling our Customer Service team on 0333 358 3183.

You can buy Exam Protect up to 24 hours before your exam.

No, you can only buy Exam Protect before your exam date.

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