How do I view and share my digital certificate?

See our step-by-step guidance for viewing and sharing your digital certificate below.

Further information about digital certificates, including our answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found in our information for candidates.

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If you have taken a Secure English Language Test (SELT), the process is different. Please view our information for SELT candidates.

How do I view and share my digital certificate?


Candidates will receive an email from Trinity College London when their digital certificate is ready  


Click on the link in the email to access the certificate on the Accredible platform


You can now view your certificate. You also have the option to set up a password to use an account with Accredible. This ensures that you can share and download your certificate on an ongoing basis. Click on Set a password if you choose to use an account. For some sharing features, you will have to change your certificate privacy setting to Public. Accredible provides guidance within the account to explain the implications of changing your privacy settings.

Note: If this is not the first time you have used the link, or if you already have an account with Accredible, the password prompt will not appear. See step 6 to log in or set up a password.


Set your password under Personal information. 


Click on My credentials to return to your certificate  


Make sure you sign in any time you want to share or download your certificate. Click on Sign in in the top right corner.


If you have not set up a password as described in step 3, or if you have lost it, click on Forgot password on the sign-in page. 


Enter the same email address as the one used for your digital certificate 


You will receive an email to reset your password. Follow the prompts to log in.


You now have access to all the features for your certificate, including sharing and downloading.

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