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Replacement certificates

We offer a certificate replacement and amendment service for people who would like to:

  • Order a replacement certificate - eg if the original has been lost
  • Request an amendment - eg if the candidate's name is incorrectly spelt


To order a replacement or request an amendment, you will need to send us a completed form together with the relevant payment. This form applies only to Trinity qualifications taken from 2009. If your request is about an exam taken before 2009, please email archiverequests@trinitycollege.com. We are unable to process requests for grade exams taken before 1997.

Download the form:

For most exams you will receive replacement certificates within 6-8 weeks of form submission.


Note that exams taken at SELT centres are subject to different arrangements. See Candidate Identification & Security Policy for SELTs for more information.


Please send your completed form, together with payment and proof of identity to us as follows:

For candidates who have taken exams anywhere, except Italy:

Operations Support
Trinity College London
AMP House, Tenth Floor
Dingwall Road

(visitors by appointment only)

For candidates who have taken exams in Italy:

National Representative’s Office (Italy)
Via P.S. Mattei, 69
Castiglione dei Pepoli
40035 Bologna


Exam centre information - checking of certificates 

Upon receiving Trinity certificates, please check that:

  • you have received all certificates for the session (only candidates that pass receive certificates)
  • you can see all your results on Trinity Online 
  • all certificates are accurate (check results and spelling of names)


If you believe there are results inaccuracies, you must query this with Trinity's Head Office within 6 months of the receipt of the certificates. We are unable to query results after this time.

Depending on the exam, certificates are usually sent to centres with 4-8 weeks of the exam. Full details about certificate timings are in the Best Practice Guidebooks for Centres for each exam.




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