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Qualifications for teaching English

With two billion people expected to be using or learning English by 2020, the need for teachers with high quality, internationally recognised English language teaching qualifications has never been greater.

Trinity's position as a leading provider of international qualifications for TESOL teachers (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) means that these qualifications are ideally placed to meet your professional teaching needs, no matter where you are in your teaching career. Courses leading to Trinity qualifications are delivered by over 100 validated course providers worldwide. Contact providers direct to find out about course fees and dates in your area.

Keep informed

To keep up to date with the latest TESOL news from Trinity, please register your interest here. Meanwhile, browse our website or download our TESOL factsheet to find out more.


The Trinity Certificate in TESOL is an initial teacher training qualification that will equip you with the basic skills and knowledge to take up a first post as an ESOL teacher.


The Trinity Diploma in TESOL is a qualification for experienced teachers of ESOL, designed to encourage the development of professional knowledge and expertise and refine practical teaching skills.


The Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate (TYLEC) is an in-service qualification designed to equip qualified teachers with the skills and knowledge to teach 7-16 year-olds.


Trinity’s TESOL qualifications are accepted by employers worldwide. They are also welcomed by the British Council for new and experienced teachers in their accredited teaching organisations in the UK, and in their own teaching centres worldwide.


Trinity also designs a range of Joint Certificates in TESOL to meet the needs in methodology and language development of teachers in particular countries or regions. Please contact us for more information.

Resources and professional development

Access support materials and resources for TESOL trainee teachers and ESOL teaching in the classroom.

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