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Trinity Digital Grades and Diploma Practical Exams information

All practical exams for 2024 will be digital. There are no face-to-face exams in 2024 in US/Canada. Digital grades and diplomas (DGD) exams are a permanent product that will be ongoing even when we restart the face-to-face exams.

The Registration Process for Digital Exams

  1. Each exam hub sets its own payment procedures and registration deadlines throughout the year.
  2. Registrations for US/CANADA cannot be made through this website.  
  3. The teacher – even if the teacher lives overseas (NOT parents) must contact the exam hub representative directly to request registration materials.
  4. Teachers should only register candidates who are ready to videotape by the registration deadline as set by the exam hub. Please do not register candidates who are not ready to videotape by the registration deadlines.
  5. Please note that ALL candidates MUST HAVE A TEACHER. Registrations for candidates with no teacher will not be accepted.
  6. Please note that candidates who are minors (aged 18 and under) MUST NOT communicate with the reps. It is illegal in some states.  Only adults/parents/teachers should communicate with the exam hub representatives.
  7. There are no withdrawals, refunds, or deferrals after you have registered for the digital exams and/or missed the two-week exam upload period.
  8. If there is no exam hub in your area, please contact the North American coordinator for information.

For USA registration information and center representative contacts please go to the US contacts page.


Music digital graded exam requirements: 

  • Pieces: 3 (4 for singers) performance pieces
  • Technical Work: exercises/studies/orchestral extracts (for instrumentalists) and scales & arpeggios (taken from a selection). The Technical Work requirement documents for each instrument is found on the website.
  • Overall Performance: marked based on the entire performance on performance delivery, focus and musical awareness [this takes the place of sight-reading, aural test, musical knowledge (grades 1-5) and improvisation]

Drama graded exam requirements: 

  • same as the syllabus except that the supporting skills questions will be taken from the website from the same week the candidate uploads the video.

Please note:

  1. The videotape of the performance and technical requirements must be filmed in ONE CONTINUOUS take with no editing – just like a face-to-face exam where the candidate performs 3 (4 for singers) pieces and technical requirements in one sitting.
  2. Teachers and candidates should go to the website to read about filming guidelines and the necessary documents required for upload, etc. before registering so that you have everything ready for uploading onto the Submittable Portal come the time. 


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