How to participate

Trinity examinations are available to everyone (amateurs, professionals) regardless of age. Any teacher (private, school, college) may submit candidates for examination. There is no membership fee for the teacher. There is, however, an examination fee that is paid by the candidate taking the exam. Trinity examinations are available in the areas of Music, Music Theory, Drama & Speech (including Musical Theater), Shakespeare, Speech Communications and English language (ESOL). Syllabuses are available free of charge to anyone who would like to have them. Please feel free to contact your local representative if you would like hard copies of the syllabuses. If there is no local representative in your area please contact Lum Fun Lee, the North American Coordinator, for further information.

Syllabuses may be downloaded from the relevant sections of the Trinity website.

Trinity Theory & Practical Examination Centers in US & Canada

Trinity Practical and Theory examinations are held at various centers throughout the USA and Canada. Additional centers may be set up if there are enough candidates for a viable center. In general, you need to have between 30 to 40 grade exam candidates from a combination of two or more teachers. Please contact Lum Fun Lee, Trinity’s North American Coordinator if you would like to set up an examination center in your area and for more information. Practical exams are given once annually in May-June and the Written exams are given twice annually in May and November. There are no pre-requisites to take the practical or the written grade and certificate exams.

Where to Buy Trinity Books in US and at Trinity

Trinity music and musical theatre publications can be purchased from one of the following sites:

Additionally, you may order directly from Trinity College London

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