Private Digital Exam Centres

The complete package for music students

As an educator, you aim to provide your students with the most comprehensive framework of support possible, to help them reach their maximum potential.

At Trinity College London we provide you with the support to achieve this aim.

By participating in Trinity’s holistic approach to teaching and learning, you can create a seamless experience for students on their musical journey. This can be achieved by combining your teaching expertise and lessons with the opportunity for them to purchase Trinity’s music grade books directly from you, and when they are ready to take their exams, you can directly manage the digital exam entry and submission process.

Become a Private Digital Exam Centre with Trinity and you will be the key contact between the student, their parent/guardian and Trinity, leading on the whole exam process for them. This provides the reassurance and familiarity of working with you throughout their experience. A complete package of support!

Want to find out more about becoming a Private Digital Exam Centre? 

Contact us here to request a call back from one of our team.

Not ready to go fully digital on exams just yet?

No problem, you can become a Private Exam Centre and offer face-to-face exams to students whilst still taking advantage of a trade account with Trinity’s book distributor, Faber Music. Contact us today about getting set-up with Trinity.


Digital exam

Get music books at trade discount prices

Faber Music can now provide music education institutions (not individual teachers) with a trade account. This means you can enjoy the significant benefit of trade discount prices, normally only provided to retailers, and purchase books directly for onward sale to your students.

You can set up your trade account directly with Faber Music today. Please note you must add ‘educational institution’ after your full trading name to begin accessing Trinity’s publications directly.

Further information on how to order books once you have a trade account is available here.

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