International House Bristol

Dr. Valeria Hennessy of International House Bristol applied for grant funding via Trinity’s Language Access Fund to support a cohort of learners who faced a variety of barriers to accessing English language qualifications and training.

Following a successful application, grant funding was awarded to International House Bristol and contributed towards:

The learners in this cohort were keen to develop their English language communicative speaking and listening skills, build their confidence, and be able to integrate further into British society. Dr. Hennessy described that she was keen to help the learners 'see that it was possible to learn, no matter how old you are or how long you have been out of education’.

Each learner passed their chosen exam with a merit, and now have a regulated qualification to demonstrate their level of English. For some, this was their first-ever qualification. For others, Dr. Hennessy stated that the project ‘renewed the learner’s faith in Education. They have learned to learn, which is the best possible thing to teach'.

Since undertaking this project, International House Bristol has been actively working with the City Council and charitable organisations to make English language lessons available to asylum seekers and refugees in the local area.


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For some, this was their first ever qualification; for others, it renewed their faith in education. They have learned to learn, which is the best possible thing to teach.

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