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Understanding your results

Your performance is assessed against the communicative skills and language requirements listed for your grade in the GESE Exam Information Booklet. Trinity examiners consider how well you have demonstrated these items.

Examiners assess your performance using an A-D rating scale. They award a letter grade (A, B, C or D) for each exam task. They use performance band descriptors to decide what grade to award. 

Calculating your overall result

There are four possible results for any GESE exam: Pass with Distinction, Pass with Merit, Pass and Fail. Your overall result is based on the grades you got in the different tasks - the GESE conversion tables show how we calculate this.

Your certificate

Certificates are usually sent withn four weeks (or seven days for GESE SELT tests) of your exam date.

To replace certificates go to Certificate replacements for instructions and an application form.

If you want Trinity to verify the CEFR/NQF level of an old qualification, contact us: you need to include a scanned copy of your original certificate.

More information 

The GESE Exam Information Booklet explains our assessment procedures, exam report forms and certificates.  

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