CertTESOL resources

1. Study Skills for CertTESOL  PDF download

An introduction to the skills needed to complete the Trinty CertTESOL. This document is for those with little or no ESOL teaching experience, who are thinking of, or planning to train.

2. Understanding the Learner for CertTESOL  PDF download

An introduction to understanding the new learner of a foreign language. This is demonstrated in the Unknown Language component of the Trinity CertTESOL - where trainees study a language unknown to them over four hours and write a reflective journal, outlining their feelings at being in the shoes of the learner, and the observations they make about their teacher’s classroom techniques - for better and for worse.

3. Methods and Techniques for Teaching English for CertTESOL  PDF download

An introduction to the basic principles behind teaching English to speakers of other languages:

  • how you teach without knowing your learners’ own language
  • how do you explain a complicated idea or process?
  • how does grammar fit into language teaching?
  • will I enjoy teaching English? (Yes!)

4. Preparing for your Teaching Practice - Taking Feedback for CertTESOL  PDF download

An introduction to some simple ways of preparing to do your own teaching of small classes and taking feedback (supportive and critical comments) from other members of the group and from your tutors.  You will learn to control your nerves and anxieties by preparing  your lessons carefully but keeping some “space” for improvisation and response to your learners’ needs.  You will learn to enjoy teaching!

5. Focus on the Individual Learner for CertTESOL  PDF download

An introduction to learning about learners by focusing closely on a single student. You will have the opportunity to talk to your special learner about their language learning background and their reasons for learning English, as well as discovering their particular strengths as a learner and the areas in which you can help them the most.  Teaching on a one-to-one basis can be fun - and demanding!

6. Lesson Planning for CertTESOL  PDF download

An introduction to planning your lessons and which aspects of your teaching you need to think about in advance. You will learn why planning as well as possible is essential, especially in your early days of teaching, but also why you must be prepared for the unexpected.

7. Teaching Grammar in Context for CertTESOL  PDF download

An introduction to the challenging area of teaching grammar in context. We all know that grammar is a set of conventions about how words and sentences are formed in order to express our meaning clearly and accurately. You will learn how to bring this alive in your English language teaching.

8. Teaching Listening and Speaking for CertTESOL  PDF download

An introduction to the way spoken English is taught. You learn how teachers break speech down; why phonetic symbols are useful; how important rhythm and melody are; how unimportant your own accent is, provided you speak slowly and clearly; and what goes on in the classroom. Plus... some useful weblinks. 


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