Meet the Musician β€” Victoria Alvarez

Victoria Alvarez (age 12) performs a selection of items from Grades 5 and 6 of Trinity’s Tuned Percussion syllabus, and speaks to us about what she finds so magical and captivating about the marimba.

Grade 5 — Czardina / Faulkner

This piece appears in Pieces and Studies for Tuned Percussion Grades 1–5, published by Trinity. Please note that the accompaniment (either piano or recorded backing) is required in the exam.

Grade 6 — Minuet and Badinerie / J S Bach (2017–2019 syllabus)

Please note that this piece is from the 2017–2019 Percussion syllabus but can be presented in the exam throughout 2020 as part of the syllabus overlap arrangement.

Grade 6 — No. 1 from 24 Etudes for Marimba / Butov

Trinity’s orchestral percussion exams cover the full-range of orchestral instruments: tuned percussion, snare drum and timpani – either in a combined orchestral percussion exam or as individual disciplines. The new repertoire lists include a wide range of styles to appeal to all musical tastes and ensure that there are pieces that students will enjoy learning and performing.

At all grades, candidates choose any two pieces and one study from the list in the syllabus. As an alternative to one of their two pieces, candidates may perform their own composition, using the suggested features given in the syllabus.

Filmed at Bootham School, York, August 2019.

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