Drum Kit & Percussion

The Drum Kit & Percussion 2020-2023 Syllabus

This syllabus gives drummers a range of authentic styles to master, including jazz, funk, show tunes, film, TV, Latin, reggae and swing. Percussion exams cover the full range of orchestral instruments with refreshed repertoire for tuned percussion, snare drum and timpani.

Developed with professional drummers and percussionists, our online support resources show you what an exam is like, demonstrate drum kit exercises on split-screen, explore professional techniques and look at where our exams can take you.

Our syllabus develops instrument-specific technique, with bespoke rudiment exercises for drum kit and enhanced technical work for orchestral percussion.

Books and backing tracks
Three drum kit repertoire books from Initial to Grade 8 are available, with professional backing tracks and demos to download or stream. The syllabus also gives the option to choose additional repertoire from Introducing Drum Kit or Raise the Bar Drum Kit at all grades. Percussion repertoire features a wide range of newly added pieces, including options from Introducing Percussion.

We offer drum kit and percussion exams from Initial to Grade 8. The Initial exam acts as an introduction to the exam system for new performers.

Further information

Full details (including our procedures, syllabus requirements, what to expect, and what to bring with you) can be found in our Information & Regulations.

Information & Regulations



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