GESE Schemes of Work — Grades 4–6

The GESE Schemes of Work are designed to support teachers who are preparing students for Grades 4–12 of Trinity's Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE).

About the Schemes of Work

The GESE Schemes of work for GESE Grades 4–6, are an all-in-one resource for English language teachers that cover all aspects of GESE exam preparation, where students speaking and listening skills are assessed by a professional Trinity examiner at CEFR levels A2.2–B1.2

They provide a solid framework for communicative language lessons and include:

  • a framework for a 2-week GESE preparation course that runs for approximately 30 hours
  • a wide range of individual activities, worksheets and handouts for English language teachers that can be extracted and used alongside the scheme, or on a stand-alone basis for the development of English language speaking and listening skills.

Whilst the format of the schemes is suited to an intensive short course, they can be used alongside the related activities by English language teachers to develop speaking and listening skills:

  • on all short-study courses
  • in English language conversation classes
  • on intensive English language programmes
  • on longer-term or part-time English language programmes

Download the Schemes of Work

Please use the links below to access the Schemes for GESE Grades 4–6. All related resources, including lesson activities, can be accessed by completing the short form.

The Schemes of Work for further grades of Trinity’s GESE (CEFR B2.1–C2), can be found under GESE resources which are organised by level and grade.


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