Games that focus around a specific text allow for students to become fully absorbed in the setting, storyline and characters. Students can relate to the narrative and understand the text when they are able to play-out and visualise this away from the page.

Warm ups

Animal stories

A rehearsed improvisation exercise in which students take on animal traits (physical, vocal, personality, etc) to develop a character for both text and devised work.

  • 30 minutes+
  • 8+ people
  • Inclusive mobility

Download game (PDF)

I like your hat!

This is a good introduction to the drama form ‘thought tracking’ which can be used both in devised work and when exploring the inner world of a character in off-text work.

  • 20 minutes+
  • 4+ people
  • Inclusive mobility

Download game (PDF)

Hot seating

This exercise encourages students to develop a deeper understanding of a character they’re trying to portray by asking them a range of questions about their character.

  • 15 minutes
  • 2+ people
  • Distanced
  • Inclusive mobility

Download game (PDF)

Status bridge

This exercise encourages students to focus on the subtleties of acting that can be used to portray something intangible such as status.

  • 20 minutes
  • 4+ people

Download game (PDF)

Introducing group assessment with Trinity drama

At Trinity, we believe that creating dramatic work in groups is a fundamental part of an actor’s development. This is why the majority of our drama syllabus specifications have pair, group and In Production exams as options.

Developing collaborative communication skills fundamental to group performance work will help to prepare students for their wider lives, further education and employment.

Find out more in our free Guide to Group Assessments

Group improvisation


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