Written exam dates

2019 exam sessions

Please note:

  • Entries received after the closing date will be subject to a late penalty fee and may not be processed.
  • Written exams in the UK can be taken in any Drama public centre but can also be taken at any Music Theory centre too. This document contains a list of all Music public centres, with those able to accept written papers listed with a (T).

2019 exam date

2019 closing date

Saturday 4 May

Monday 25 March

Saturday 2 November

Monday 23 September


2020 exam date


2020 closing date

Saturday 9 May 2020


Monday 6 April 2020

Saturday 9 May 2020


Monday 6 April 2020

Monday 11 May 2020


Monday 6 April 2020

Saturday 7 November 2020


Monday 5 October 2020

Monday 9 November 2020


Monday 5 October 2020


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