Drama exam centre support

Current classroom resources and other support documents/materials are available for Registered Examination Centres to order. If you wish to receive further support such as teacher training workshops, presentations or to conduct a examination session at your centre, please feel free to contact our Examinations Manager for assistance.

    • If you are a teacher or an institution looking to offer Trinity ESOL qualifications, you will need to become a Registered Examination Centre. To apply to become a Registered Examination Centre, please contact the Head of Examinations at exams@trinitycollege.hk to obtain the New Centre Registration Form.

Examination documents

NB. All Exam Entry forms on this page are for Registered Exam Centre use only. If you are a non-registered centre or a private candidate, please download an entry form from:

Drama: trinitycollege.hk/enrol-drama

Replacement certificates

Please refer to /help/customer-services/certificates/replacement-certificates

Candidates with special education needs/disabilities

Please include a Reasonable Adjustments Request Form for each candidate with your entries to explain the nature of the special needs in as much detail as possible at the time of enrolment. First-time entries for dyslexic candidates must be accompanied by a copy of a current psychologist’s report. If candidate has been entered previously, please supply details of any special provisions required.

For more information, please see Reasonable adjustments for Drama & Speech exams.



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